Attractions at the Matecznik Manor Farm

Around our object stretches nearly 1.5 hectares of greenery, abundant in a large number of attractions. Depending on whether you prefer to spend your time actively, playing football or fishing, or relaxing calmly in the shade with a book, we have prepared an option that should satisfy everyone.

attractions of the matecznik farm in sędzinek

Among other things, the Folwark has a large grass pitch that would make the best stadiums proud. You can improve your leg strength on the sand pitch and your precision on the mini golf and boule fields. For the youngest there is an interactive playground, and in the summer season a large swimming pool is set up.

For those who want to spend some time with themselves, we recommend boating, fishing, yoga or working in our organic garden. You can also enjoy the activities of the surrounding area. Cycling, running, walking with sticks in the forest or swimming on Lake Niepruszewskie are just some of the attractions that will encourage you to spend time actively.

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attractions for visitors to the mother farm

Visitor Attractions at the Motherhouse

Sauna fińska w zabytkowym dworku

dry sauna

It cleanses the body of toxins and strengthens immunity and lung capacity. In addition, regular dry sauna treatments improve the firmness of the skin and improve its overall appearance. Brings great relaxation after a hard day!

Siłownia w zabytkowej piwnicy


Which includes a treadmill, an orbiter, weights and equipment for chest and leg exercises. As is widely known – in a healthy body, a healthy spirit!

salt corner

Filled with salt blocks that transform the air into a sea-like climate. Being in such a room feels similar effects to inhaling a sea salt solution or bathing in medicinal salt. It relaxes, relaxes and lowers your blood pressure.

Grupa ludzi ćwiczy jogę koło stawu w folwarku matecznik


It is constantly gaining new followers. Not only does it improve fitness, but it also has a positive effect on muscle flexibility and body awareness. At our facility, you can effectively calm down and relax with yoga. Namaste!

Dzieci grające w minigolfa na obozie w folwarku matecznik


Which makes for great entertainment for the little ones. But not only – a date for two at the mini golf is a romantic way to spend time together while having fun.

piłkarz akademii reissa na obozie piłkarskim w sędzinku


 An eagle-type pitch with a grass surface is available for guest use. Integration with peers and the spirit of sport and competition are just some of the advantages of playing football!

Młodzież grająca w siatkówkę plażową na terenie folwarku matecznik


A sand pitch for volleyball/badminton. Team games improve teamwork skills and teach appreciation of victory and accepting defeat. It is also an opportunity to have fun and exercise.

Dzieci jeżdżące na rowerach podczas obozu sportowego


We provide the option of hiring bicycles and exploring the area, and there is plenty to see – a farm with alpacas and ponies, Lake Niepruszewskie, forests ideal for mushroom picking near Poznań and the abandoned palace in Sędziny are not far away.

Uśmiechnięte dzieci na placu zabaw


An option for the little ones that it is a shame not to take advantage of. Swings, slides and sandpits allow children to play for hours.

Rozkładane krzesło obrandowane folwark matecznik

chill out area

A set of deckchairs and hammocks next to our pond. Perfect for sitting back and relaxing in the company of your nearest and dearest, or for quietly reading and chilling out.

Grill i stoły na tle boisko piłkarskiego


We have a clearing for a bonfire, sticks and a specially fenced fire pit to keep everything as safe as possible. Guitar, shared karaoke and delicious sausages from the campfire – sounds like the perfect recipe for a summer evening?

Gra w boule


A game originating from France, the aim of which is to throw as close as possible to the pig – the ball of the target. Anyone can take part in the game, the rules are not complicated and the fun is great!

nordic walking

A form of outdoor recreation that has not been gaining more and more fans of this type of activity for a few years. Most importantly, it is a less injury-prone activity than running or cycling, so it can be done at any age.

Podróż łódką przez uroczy staw w dworku Matecznik


There is a stocked pond on the premises, which is a treat for fishing fans. A hobby that requires a lot of patience, but which in the end is very rewarding.

Dzieci na obozie wakacyjnym grają w gry planszowe

board games

Do użytku gości dajemy planszówki do spędzania długich godzin integrując się wspólnie. Uwaga: spędzanie czasu z najbliższymi przy grach planszowych to uzależniająca forma rozrywki!

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driving directions

The farm is located about 30 km from the centre of Poznan, in the municipality of Duszniki Wielkopolskie. The easiest way is to head towards Buk, and from there further towards Pniewy.

To reach us, in the village of Sędziny (about halfway between Buk and Duszniki), turn to Sędzinko and drive as far as the chapel at the end of the asphalt road.

From here, it is impossible not to notice the Manor Farm, which extends to the left of the chapel.

dworek w Sędzinku