Family reunions

Family reunions at the Manor House

On a daily basis, we lack the time to maintain relationships with family members, especially distant ones. It is worth thinking about getting together years later and then keeping the tradition of going away together every year.

Our centre, located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, guarantees the absence of interference from other people on the premises, silence and safety for your loved ones.

2 buildings

50 beds

Fully equipped kitchen

Closed car park

Attractions for children and adults

Family meetings in greater poland

Renting a facility exclusively for your family is not just about accommodation, rooms and attractions. It is also an opportunity to spend time together surrounded by nature and to deepen family ties.

Matecznik Farm is a family- and pet-friendly place where you can bring your pet with you without any problems or additional charges.

We have up to 50 beds in two buildings: Dworek and Spichlerz. A great advantage is the fenced area of the entire centre, along with free parking. We have three rooms where you can feast together, play board games and have fun to music.

Rozkładane krzesło obrandowane folwark matecznik
Strefa chillout z lampkami koło Poznania

In addition, in the Manor House, in the Brick Room you will find a screen and projector for watching films together, and opposite you can warm up in the Fireside Room and, for example, read a book.

We also offer deckchairs and blankets for shared spring and summer evenings.

A bonfire? We have a dedicated area for that.

Kids will be in seventh heaven when they see our large football pitch, playground and mini-golf courses. We also have the possibility to rent bicycles, balls and other necessary sports equipment. In summer, they can splash around in our fold-out swimming pool!


Spichlerz dworku Matecznik pokazany z zewnątrz



Sauna fińska w zabytkowym dworku

dry sauna

It cleanses the body of toxins and strengthens immunity and lung capacity. In addition, regular dry sauna treatments improve skin firmness and improve its overall appearance. Brings great relaxation after a hard day!

Siłownia w zabytkowej piwnicy


It includes a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, free weights and chest and leg exercise equipment. As everyone knows – a healthy mind resides in a healthy body!

salt corner

Filled with salt blocks that change the air into a sea-like climate. While staying in such a room, you feel similar effects to inhaling a sea salt solution or bathing in medicinal salt. It relaxes, relaxes and lowers blood pressure.

Grupa ludzi ćwiczy jogę koło stawu w folwarku matecznik


It is constantly gaining new supporters. Not only does it improve performance, but it also has a positive effect on muscle flexibility and body awareness. At our facility you can effectively calm down and relax with yoga. Namaste!

Dzieci grające w minigolfa na obozie w folwarku matecznik


Which is great entertainment for the little ones. But not only that – a mini golf date for two is a romantic way to spend time together while having great fun.

piłkarz akademii reissa na obozie piłkarskim w sędzinku


We offer our guests an orlik-type pitch with a grass surface.  Integration with peers and the spirit of sport and competition are just some of the advantages of playing football!

Młodzież grająca w siatkówkę plażową na terenie folwarku matecznik


Sandy court for playing volleyball/badminton. Team games improve the ability to work in a group and teach you to appreciate victory and accept defeat. It is also an opportunity to have fun and exercise.

Dzieci jeżdżące na rowerach podczas obozu sportowego


We offer the option of renting bicycles and exploring the area, and there is a lot to see – nearby there is a farm with alpacas and ponies, Lake Niepruszewskie, forests ideal for mushroom picking near Poznań and an abandoned palace in Sędziny.

Uśmiechnięte dzieci na placu zabaw


An option for the youngest, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Swings, slides and sandboxes allow children to have hours of fun.

Rozkładane krzesło obrandowane folwark matecznik

chill zone

A set of loungers and hammocks next to our pond. Perfect to sit and relax in the company of your loved ones or to read and chill.

Grill i stoły na tle boisko piłkarskiego


We have a clearing for lighting a bonfire, poles and a specially fenced place for a fire to make everything as safe as possible. Guitar, karaoke and delicious sausages from the campfire – does this sound like the perfect recipe for a summer evening?

Gra w boule


A game originating from France, the aim of which is to throw as close as possible to the target ball. Everyone can take part in the fun, the rules are not complicated and it’s great fun!

nordic walking

A form of outdoor recreation that has not gained more and more fans of this type of activity for several years. Most importantly, it is a less injurious activity than running or cycling, so it can be done at any age.

Podróż łódką przez uroczy staw w dworku Matecznik


There is a pond stocked with fish on the premises, which is a treat for fishing fans. A hobby that requires a lot of patience, but which ultimately gives a lot of satisfaction.

Dzieci na obozie wakacyjnym grają w gry planszowe

board games

We provide board games for guests to spend long hours integrating together. Note: spending time with your loved ones playing board games is an addictive form of entertainment!


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